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Actinic Blue Light: Designed for use in saltwater and coral reef aquariums, the Actinic Blue Florescent Replacement Lamp is compatible with commonly used aquarium hoods and strip lights. The soft blue colour creates the appearance of light at dawn, dusk or in deep water.

This Actinic Blue Florescent Replacement Lamp is designed for use in saltwater and coral reef aquariums. The spectral peak causes coral to fluoresce in glowing colours for a beautiful display in your aquarium. The lamp also helps promote photosynthesis and emulates a soft shade of blue to make fish feel like it is dusk, dawn or that they are down in deep water.

  For use in saltwater and coral reef aquariums.

  Replacement lamp for commonly used T8 florescent aquarium hoods and strip lights.

  Actinic lamp emulates soft shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk and in deep water

  Spectral peak at 420 nanometres promotes photosynthesis and causes coral to fluoresce in beautiful glowing colours.

Metal Halide Light: Metal halide aquarium lighting is the lighting of choice for many reef aquarists. Metal halides produce more lumens per watt than any other aquarium lighting source.

The basic components used for all metal halide aquarium lighting systems include:

  Metal halide lamp


  Lamp socket and mounting bracket


Light Timer: Timers for Aquarium Lighting: Aquarium supplies for your aquarium fish.

Wave Maker: Wave makers provide custom water movement in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Proper water movement is important for promoting gas exchange, supplementing filtration and providing physical and mental activity for aquarium inhabitants.

Chillers: Chillers allow effective management of aquarium water temperature. Aquariums that employ high output light fixtures or house temperature-sensitive inhabitants such as corals will benefit greatly from aquarium water chillers.

Hailea Chillers boast state-of-the-art technology to ensure stable and consistent temperatures. Easy-to-use, push button digital temperature control system automatically maintains the desired set temperature within ±1ºF clearly shown on bright Liquid Crystal Display. Arctica Chillers are perfect for saltwater marine reef aquariums housing corals and other inhabitants sensitive to high water temperatures.

Pumps: Aquarium pumps are essential water circulation devices for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These powerful and versatile water pumps are commonly used to drive different aquarium filtration units. Choose from our selection of quality water pumps to suit your particular aquarium setup.

For versatile and reliable water pump performance, we recommend Hailea. These low-maintenance, magnetic-drive aquarium pumps boast powerful energy-efficient performance, making them ideal as continual use circulation pumps. Great for in-line or submersed use in a wide variety of aquarium applications.

Protein Skimmer: Protein Skimmers, also known as "foam fractionators," are excellent supplemental filtration devices for saltwater aquariums. Install a protein skimmer to any marine aquarium setup to enjoy improved water quality and clarity.

For a quality acrylic protein skimmer at a great hobby-friendly price. Easy-to-install and affordable protein skimmer features as a needle-wheel impeller that vigorously mixes air and water to create a flurry of waste-removing bubbles. Designed with simplicity in mind to satisfy the skimming needs of saltwater aquarists with a bit of aquarium "know-how."

Nets: Nets are a must for all aquarium owners. Use aquarium nets to scoop out debris and uneaten food or for the gentle capture and safe removal of aquarium fish.

We recommend Stainless Steel Handle Nets for durable, long-lasting use. Rigid stainless steel handle and net frame offer added control and strength to withstand the rigors of harsh aquarium conditions. Premium quality fish net perfect for saltwater marine aquariums and for freshwater aquariums with large or aggressive fish.

Feeder:Feeders help optimize aquarium fish nutrition. Choose from our great selection of feeders to automate feedings or to ensure proper nutrition for aquarium inhabitants with special dietary needs.

For the ultimate in ease-of-use and reliability, we recommend Instant Ocean Feeder. This digital aquarium fish feeder can be programmed to dispense granule or flake fish foods up to four times a day. All your programmed choices are presented on an easy-read LCD screen and "at-a-glance" monitoring of food level is made possible thanks to a transparent reservoir.

Automatic Feeder

Glass Cleaners: Easy removal of algae from glass/acrylic surfaces.

 Easy and efficient movement around the corners of the fish tank

  Prevents scratching

  Maintains your hands dry

  A size for every surface thickness

Salt: Salt Mixes are fundamental for the success of saltwater aquariums. Choose from our selection of quality salt mixes to prepare saltwater necessary for thriving marine fish-only, fish-only-with-live-rock (FOWLR) or coral reef aquariums.

It's easy to see why we recommend Instant Ocean & SEACHEM Salt. With over 40 years of successful proven usage, Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt sets the industry standard for quality, consistency, and value. Enriched Reef Crystals contain essential ocean reef elements in concentrations greater than those found in natural sea water, making it the premier choice of reef aquarists.

Hydrometer: Hydrometers and Refract meters are essential equipment for saltwater aquariums. Use these testing devices to maintain the ideal environment for your marine aquarium inhabitants. Also great for brackish water aquariums.

Accurate measurement of specific gravity is crucial for maintaining thriving saltwater aquariums. That's why we offer the Portable Refract meter for professional results at a great price. This simple-to-use, optical instrument gives temperature-compensated readings of specific gravity and salinity clearly displayed on the internal scale.

Bacterial Additive: Biological Additives aid in the establishment and maintenance of efficient biological filtration. Use biological additives in new and established aquariums to naturally breakdown harmful organic waste materials.

For an outstanding value on premier live nitrifying bacteria,. Use this multipurpose bacterial additive to quickly establish biological filtration in new aquariums or maintain efficient biological filtration in established freshwater or marine aquariums. Made in the USA.

Reef Buffers: Reef Buffers are essential for maintaining proper aquarium water parameters. Use Reef buffers to maintain ideal pH levels as well as replenish minerals important for healthy development of corals and other reef inhabitants.

To properly adjust saltwater aquarium pH carbonate hardness to levels crucial for reef aquariums, we recommend Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH. This powdered pH buffer and alkalinity builder for marine aquariums adjusts the pH in saltwater aquariums to the optimum range of 8.0 - 8.3 while building the KH. Mixes clear with little or no cloudiness or precipitation.

Water Conditioners: Conditioners and Additives offer a convenient solution to maintaining ideal aquarium water parameters. Choose from our wide selection of water conditioners for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

For a fast-acting solution that instantly and safely neutralizes chlorine and chloramines. Improved formulation eliminates toxic chlorine and chloramines and is safe to dose up to 10Xs the recommended amount to tackle even extremely high levels. Made in the USA and competitively priced to extend your aquarium budget.

Pest Control For Fish & Coral: Pest Traps & Control products for aquariums. Keep unwanted aquarium inhabitants out with our selection of convenient products. Prevent potentially problematic inhabitants from harming desirable aquarium species.

Sometimes an undesirable aquarium species may mean a bully fish. That's why we recommend the Aqua Medic Fish Trap to remove difficult-to-net bully fish from your aquarium. This stress-free method safely captures and removes bully fish without having to tear down aquarium decor. Ideal fish trap for fresh or saltwater aquariums with rocky decorations or elaborate aqua cape such as reef aquariums or African cichlid aquariums.

Coral Adhesive: CorAffix Gel 20gm, CorAffix Gel is an ethyl cyanoacrylate bonding compound with a thick gel consistency. It is very easy to use for attaching frags of stony corals, zoanthids, and some soft corals.

CorAffix - Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 56.7gm, CorAffix is an ethyl cyanoacrylate bonding compound with viscosity similar to honey. Use it for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates in natural positions on the live rock.

Thermo Meter: Thermometers are fundamental equipment for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These inexpensive tools provide vital temperature information regarding your aquarium. Choose from our selection of aquarium thermometers for convenient and accurate temperature readings.

For a highly visible aquarium temperature display visible even from across the room, we recommend CORAL LIFE Digital Thermometer. This fully submersible digital aquarium thermometer features an ultra bright blue LED display for easy temperature readings in °F. Use submerged in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or in dry applications such as displaying air temperature in reptile terrariums.

Fish Food: Choose from our huge selection of quality aquarium fish foods to ensure proper nutrition. Provide a varied diet of flake, freeze-dried and frozen fish foods for best health.

Live Foods: Live foods are great for getting hard-to-feed species such as seahorses, pipefish, wrasse, gobies, lionfish, grunts, and newly born sharks to begin feeding. Also a great way to populate micro-crustaceans in refugiums as well as an excellent food for non-photosynthetic (NPS) coral, filter-feeding inverts and larval marine fish.

Coral Food & Growth: Coral and Invertebrate Foods are specially developed to provide proper nutrition. Our great selection means you'll find what you need to enjoy healthy aquarium corals and invertebrates. To recreate a natural feeding environment in home reef aquariums, we recommend Marine Plankton Diet. This plank tonic solution replicates "marine snow" found in natural seawater to offer optimum nutrition for filter-feeding invertebrates. Keep marine corals and other filter-feeding invertebrate properly fed with Marine Plankton Diet.

Test Kit: Testing Equipment is necessary to measure and maintain proper aquarium water parameters. Regular routine testing is the only accurate way to be certain water parameters are within an acceptable range. Choose from our selection of quality testing equipment to help maintain ideal conditions for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium inhabitants.

For electronic monitoring and testing devices at an economical price, we recommend SALIFERT. These precision devices continually display readings on an LCD screen to simplify routine testing of crucial aquarium water parameters. Enjoy greater convenience and accuracy when you upgrade aquarium testing with SALIFERT.